By Taye


FASHION FRIDAY ✩ Oldies but Goodies..

Today’s Look
Jeans: JBrand
Tank: Danny Roberts for Forever 21
Vest: Earl Jeans
Booties: Dolce Vita, bought at Oak NY
Laptop case: Marc by Marc
Wallet: YSL
Sunnies: Oak New York
Watch: Nixon

I can’t start this FASHION FRIDAY without talking about my new’s the little things people.. I went in for a trim and came out three inches shorter with bangs.. 
Okay These are my trusty Clip ins..which just seem to flow so perfectly with the bangs .. thus I have been wearing them like they grew out of my head for a week now..  I think it’s about time for a “Clip in” post ..they are super convenient and you can take them out at the end of the day.. short to long in an instant.. Yippie..

Danny Roberts.. one of my favorite artists.. His portraits are simple alive!!  full of color yet so simple and delicate.. This tank was part of his collabo with Forever 21 last year…Hopefully one day our paths will cross.. he inspires me immensely! Fingers Crossed!
This FASHION FRIDAY was super fun.. I always like shopping in my closet.. Mixing real oldies..This vest is at least 10 years old (used to be a jacket)  and these J Brands have definitely seen better days..but they fit like a glove and are higher waited.. so I will rock them until they are grey and shredding apart..Nothing a little Rit Dye can’t handle 🙂

The Shoes & Sunnies:

My new goto’s..My little trip to Oak NY got me the sunnies and the Dolce Vita’s..the tiny heal is perfection. I feel tall yet relaxed..ADORE!
And As you might can see.. I Finally got a new I had to get the Marc by Marc bag for it.. By golly if you have to work why  not work in style.
Oldies but Goodies..with a little new new mixed in…I “Like”
Have a fantastic weekend everyone!!
Taye 😉

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