By Taye


Douglass Hannant.. Spring 2012

Okay so here’s the deal.. I had an amazing seat at the Douglass Hannant show yesterday at the beautiful Plaza Hotel.  My name reserved on a name card (smiles) ..placed perfectly on the bamboo backed cushion chairs.. compete with the cutest little black gift bag.. 
Picture it.. The lights go down..the room gets quiet..the french music circa 1930’s plays through the speakers and the first model shows her face. She glides down the runway in a beautiful Ivory Corded Laced Blouse over Mesh Slim Pants carrying a tote..  The spot light goes up..and bamb! 
I am ready ..Nikon in hand.. settings perfect.. Sitting in my perfect seat with my perfect name she comes…around the U shaped runway… spotlight goes up…I lift my Nikon to shoot and…  
I am just shy of the spotlight.. She turns her face towards me in total darkness.. rendering me and my Nikon virtually helpless. Oh no!  Panic!!  I am suppose to highlight the clothes from the runways shows I attend!  Holy mother of..Fashion!
Well…my grandma always says  “When life  gives you lemons..make lemonade…”
and that is exactly what I did..

So here you have it..the Hair at Douglass Hannant..  and even though you can’t see the clothes .. you get a great feel for the luxury and opulence that was the theme of this show.  

His clothes are simply that..luxurious opulent and nothing short of classic..  Beautiful gowns,  silk knit dresses and embroidered cotton..

and the hair by Edward Tricomi of Warren Tricomi was delicious!

It was a Fashion Show!

Making Lemons into lemonade..  I “Like”

Taye 😉

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