By Taye


Pink + Pretty… A food experience at ROSE.

It all started when I flaked in a date..  A real date not a “Frate”. Those of you that read FASHION FRIDAYS will know exactly what I am talking about. 🙂 Okay.. Back to me flaking.. It was actually more of a reschedule..  

I was invited to a dinner at a new place on La Cienega called Rose. Now being an L.A. native who resides very close to La Cienega Blvd. I was wondering what this new place that I had been zipping past everyday for the last couple weeks was. It was definitely on my list. So when I was invited for dinner I jumped..  Yay!! Pink and Pretty was all I really needed to know to get me there.
So I threw on the new Theory White Blazer and the Pink J Brands.. I thought it was only befitting and headed over to Rose.  Now Rose may in fact be on the busiest boulevard in L.A. but once you’re inside you will never know it. Spacious, pink and really pretty, I know.. I know.. I said that a couple times already. I was hooked and I had not tasted a thing.. Call me snobby but decor can sometimes be so very important.
Now lets skip all the riff raff and delve into the food first…Then we can talk about the where and why.
First off let me start by saying EVERYTHING I had was amaze.  
Being that Rose is an homage to St. Tropez 1960’s Glamor (I took that straight from their website) the menu is adorned with lot’s of French words..Thus I will translate when needed..  

•Cheese Plate w/fig marmalade.. No translation needed
•Tartar de snapper a la Creme d’oursin..Translation..Yummy
•Rose Salad…Beet salad w/ endive…Translation..Simply heaven.
•Filet Mignon de boeuf a la fourme d’ambert sauce Pinot et Balsalmic w/blue cheese melted on top..Translation..OMG!
and these are just the dishes that I was able to stuff down while there..
They also have Mediterranean Sea Bass… Rose wine steamed Mussels..Rose Burger w/ french fries.. Organic free range chicken and grass fed beef…it goes on and on..
and that’s the savory side..let me give you a little idea about desert:
•Tropezienne..which is a Brioche cake with cream filling and  raspberry sauce..It’s a St. Tropez Specialty.
•Rose Lillipops which are coconut, passion fruit and vanilla bean filled puffs with caramel and chocolate dipping sauces
And last but not least
•Rose Creme Brulee.. Lavender infused..super good. Simple and Just as Creme Brulee should be.. can you tell I really “Liked” that one..
If it isn’t enough that the food is delish.. Rose has a cocktail menu that is full of yummy beverages that are made with fresh ingredients and mixed to perfection. Including Rose wine that is bottled for them in the south of’s divine.
There is a Live Dj that sits high above the restaurant and around 11pm the music goes up and the lights go down.. and from what I hear Rose is no stranger to customers dancing on a few tables when the party gets started.
The most expensive dish on the menu is Cote de Boeuf for two which is $75 bucks. None of the other dishes will set you back more than $36 bucks.
..and beginning in September, Rose will have Saturday and Sunday Champagne brunch..  Who doesn’t adore weekend brunch??
Rose has only been open a month…so be among the first to try it.. you won’t be disappointed!
Rose… I “Like”
Taye 😉
861 N La Cienega Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069
310. 289.1294 
Seating Weekdays: 6pm-11pm

                  Weekends: 6pm-12am

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