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Lip Lust

So I thought I would do a quick beauty post..   With some of the lip booty I have been adorning all summer.  
I am the kind of girl that when I find something I “like” I basically use it, wear it, obsess over it until I am sick of it.  I don’t see that last portion of the previous sentence happening anytime soon with these four beauties. 
The List:
Mac: Ruby Woo:  The darker sister to my other fav Lady Danger.   It’s a matte true red.  Whenever I wear it I feel like am transported back to the 1940’s.  It seems to give my lips perfect shape…and I have seen it one more than a few ladies..It looks amaze on everyone.  From the  palest pale to the darkest dark.
Cover Girl: Into the Red #0510: This I scored at a Cover Girl beauty day a while back and its great!  I has some super duper staying power. It is a more pinkish orange than Ruby Woo and creamy with a hint of sparkle.  Part of the Lipperfection line.  Feminine & Sexy!
Cover Girl: Temptress Charmeuse #400: Perfect barbie doll pink.  Not coral, not orange, not red, not purple..Straight PINK…  That is super hard to find. Lusciously  creamy..Again part of the Lipperfection Line.
Mac: Morange:  Orange Orange and more Orange.  ADORE!  It brightens my whole face..scratch that actually brightens my day.  I know..I know.. a bit dramatic. But its true.  The only thing about it is that it seems to spread to the inner and outer parts of the mouth..
…which is where the last product comes in.. I did not want to give up my the lovely folks over that MAC Nordstroms suggested I buy the Mac Prep +Prime lip primer.  Ugh the thought of having to buy something that causes me to have one more step in the making face process..  TOTALLY WORTH IT.. problem solved.. no more spreadage…
Lip lust.. I “Like”

Taye 😉

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  1. Lady Danger is my favorite bright, matte red lipstick. I haven't tried Ruby Woo, but I've heard great things. I currently use MAC's "Viva Glam I" for my deeper red.

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