By Taye



They came ..they came..  Is it crazy to be over the moon about a magazine and a pair of shoes that have finally arrived?  HEC NO!!  Whoo hoo!!  Jumping for joy.. heels clicking yellow brick road style..
Okay calm down Taye!! 


I ordered LOVE Magazine way back in Feb when the impeccable Kate Moss was on the cover.. and I waited..and waited..and waited..only to get a letter saying that the issue was sold out…and that the Autumn/Winter issue would arrive asap.. Frown!
It was almost as bad as one of those green letters you get in the email as an actor saying that you have been cut from the commercial..  All the actors out there know what I’m talking about.
Then to find out that The Jeffery Campbell EL Carmens were also sold out was just another blow.. 
Cut to:

6 months later..whoo hoo..  I have them both in my hands…  Totally worth the wait..
Hailee Steinfeld on the cover looks absolutely beautiful.. and My JC’s..well  Psychedelic City. I have already worn them twice.. Super comfy and they make anyone look like an amazonian super model!  I’m at least 6 feet in these things..

The JC’s I got on Sole Struck.. Click here

Lesson of the day.. patience people..patience 🙂
JC + LOVE MAG..  I “Like”
Taye 😉

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