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Sante D’Or Animal rescue


So it has definitely been over a month since the last Doggy Days posting…I can only ask for forgiveness from the little guys who may have already been adopted had I posted this in a timely fashion.
But before we get to that.. you may be wondering why I have neglected to post anything since last Friday…for lack of better words…I had a whirlwind last four days.. Saturday night I attended the Black Weblog which I did not win..but thank you so much to all who took the time to vote for me.  Then headed home to pack for an 8am flight to NYC followed a day and a half later by a flight to Chicago followed the next day with a flight back home.  Full blog post to come next week.
Alrighty..  back to the little guys.
Meet the pups, kittens and rabbits of Sante D’or Foundation.. now I know the post is called DOGGY DAYS.. but I will not leave a Kitty nor a Rabbit behind simply because of a title…Along with writing this post in about 10 minutes.. I had to shoot these little guys literally in 5 minutes. I am DEATHLY allergic to cats..  and the room was full of them..all wanting to play..
Anyhow is the website for more info on any of the animals you see above..
Feel free to contact them about adoption or Fostering..
Animal rescues…. I “Like”
Taye ūüėČ
Sante D’or Foundation
3165 Los Feliz Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039
(323) 898-8889

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