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Quick Beauty Post: That Beyonce Glow..

St. Tropez (left to right) Every Day Perfect Legs, Self tan Bronzing Mousse, Self Tan Bronzing Spray, Bronzing Rocks,Wash off Instant Glow body Lotion, ,Gold Skin Illuminator, Wash off Shimmer Stick

Fake Bake (left to right) Flawless Self tan liquid, Tan Enhancing Lotion,The Face Anti aging lotion, Shimmer instant wash off lotion, Bronze Babe lip gloss.
So I don’t usually do comparisons here on Stuff She Likes.. I think I have actually only done one and it was over a year HERE if you missed it .. comparisons are more like I love them both here is the difference..  I like to think that is a bit more positive than saying this one sucks and this one doesn’t..  Thus I compare products I “Like”
Which brings me to the post at hand..
I don’t know if I have ever really stated this..but I was not blessed with golden tan skin.. yes I am a woman of color and yes I tan very well once I have submitted myself to the torture of laying and sweating for hours in the sun…. And yes I am one of those girls who used to bake in the sun with nothing other than carrot oil as protection.. 
My face will most likely be very angry with me later in life for future plastic surgeon will most likely be very thankful 😉
Okay I keep getting off subject darnit…
What was I saying?…oh yes the post at hand..
I have been using them for a few years now.. if it tans..I have tried it..  And this summer I have been blessed to be introduced to two companies that not only tan beautifully..but also pretty much rock my world.
St. Tropez and Fake Bake..
It’s taken me a couple months to properly test both are my findings..
• The tan I get from St. Tropez is a golden dark brown tan, whereas the tan from Fake Bake is more of a light golden. 

• Fake Bake is more about sparkle where St. Tropez is very centered around luminance and glow  ..I adore both!!  

• St. Tropez smells like coconut, where Fake bake smells like sweet champagne (strange comparison I know’s just my take people). 
• I used the St. Tropez Bronzing mousse on my face, where Fake Bake has a bronze specifically for the face.. I dig that..
•Although I like the smell of St. Tropez a bit better,  Fake Bake is organic..which is great! 
•They both have a line of instant wash off products..great for when you just want to darken for the night.
They both come with special applicator mitts..A must to apply right with no streaks.. no other product I have used comes with these mitts and sometimes my tan is a bit streaky..
The main point is that neither product turned me the dreaded orange.. which I have noticed with prolonged use of other self tan products.  Neither started cracking or streaking in the individual months that I tried out both products.
The St. Tropez Bronzing Rocks, Wash Off Shimmer Stick and Golden Skin Illuminator all rock my world!!  They give a nice subtle highlight to the skin.
And the Fake Bake Tan Enhancing Lotion is Amaze!  The golden sparkles reflect in the sun and give a creamy look to your skin that is awesome.
Basically its all a matter of taste between the two..They give different results both equally lovely.
…And they both have great super informative websites that you can see here: 
St. Tropez
Fake Bake
It’s all about the Beyonce Glow.. you didn’t think that was her natural skin did you?
Self Tans that don’t leave you orange.. I “Like”
Taye 😉

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