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Personal Style is Fashion Substance…

Quick beauty post of the week..
So I recently read a tweet that said something to the effect that “feather extensions are tired..blah blah”  now this was following a tweet just a couple weeks earlier when the very same peeps were saying just how cute feather extensions were..

Confused yet?  Yeah me too.. 

Why in the world are we so dang wishy washy.. I currently have four feather extensions and I currently still adore them..just as much as the day I got them two months ago .. see the FASHION FRIDAY post here.
Anyhow I write all this to introduce you to the place that clipped my feathers in..  Its called the Vanity Vault..and the owner Jesica is awesome..
Jesica has the biggest selection beautiful feathers in LA.  She’s been collecting them for years.  She hand dyes them to perfection and they stay in through thick and thin.  Like I said, I have had mine for two months..and I still adore them.  Not to mention that on a daily basis I get asked about them. 
The day I got my Feathers..

So remember this..  Your style is YOUR style..if you want to rock feathers in your hair til you are 80 years old or skinny jeans until long after it’s fashionable..don’t let some flighty style website tell you that you are wrong…That goes for the “in/out” sections in magazines too!
Personal Style is Fashion Substance…

Vanity Vault…I “Like”
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Vanity Vault
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