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New York Diaries

Ahh New York.. What a place.  What a city.  Such energy.  Such life!
Can you tell that it’s one of my favorite cities..
My last minute impromptu trip to New York last week was literally two days.  Well really a day and a lunch if you count the time I had to roam free.  In that time I managed to walk the city, ride the train, miss my stop and end up in Brooklyn, yell at a cab driver, eat tons of ice cream,  see the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the MET, visit Mr. Courtney K. at his new NYC dwellings, hang with one of my best girls and her impossibly cute 1 1/2  year old daughter and shoot as many photos as I possibly could before melting. 
Great Times!
It was hot!  Really hot.. so here is a glimpse into what some New Yorkers are wearing as they manage the heat..and make it through the day.  
My New York Diaries..
New York… I “Like”
Taye ūüėČ

3 responses to “New York Diaries”

  1. JoJo says:

    I agree NYC is a beautiful place and the people have so much energy. The city that never sleeps. What camera did use to take these pics? Linix?

  2. It's the best!1 I use a Nikon D300.. its my love!

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