By Taye


FASHION FRIDAY ♥ The Summer Series..Lace me

Today’s Look
Lace Top: Backstage Clothing
Bra: Vintage
Bag: Rebbecca Minkoff
Bracelet: Forever 21
Ring: Vintage
Pants: Staerk
Broach: Vintage

I was having a full on lace craving the other day.. I was very determinately searching for photo’s of lace..lace tops, lace bottoms, lace curtains, lace everything.  After the temporary insanity wore off.  I remembered a shoot that Jason the photog and I did a wayyy while back that never actually made it to post.    

So naturally I had to post it.  
The Backstage Top:
Backstage Clothing and I have formed a pretty nice friendship over the last 9 months or so..and that’s awesome because I lust after everything they design.. Seems like all the good stuff is coming out of Australia these days.. Style Stalker…Backstage clothing..that guy who plays Jason Stackhouse on True Blood…
Anyhow..back to the subject.. I love this top..super cute and wearable. A fresh modern-vintage must have..
The Staerk Pants:
Although awesome, they are not very season appropriate right now.. just know that they will show up in their entirety in a future post.
Alrighty everyone..have a stupendous weekend!
Fresh modern-vintage must haves…I “Like”
Taye 😉
Photographer Jason Maddox.  To see more of his amazing  work click HERE
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