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FASHION FRIDAY ♥ The Summer Series..


Today’s Look
Boy Lover Tank: Courtesy of Krma Clothing
Blazer: Elizabeth & James
Shorts: Helmut Lang
Neon Lace Bra: Cossebella
Black and Red stacked rings: Bella Noel by Kim Kardashian, at Diavolina
Shoes: Chloe
Watch: Micheal Kors
Bag: Rebbecca Minkoff
Double finger snake ring and bracelet: Ettika Jewelry on Gilt Groupe
Heart Bracelet: H&M
Carabiner Key Chain: Marc by Marc
Leather Cuff: Ruff Cut Jean Shack
Lipstick: MAC Morange
Ahh.. summer is finally here.. warm days accompanied by gelato and various things iced.. Iced coffees. Iced cream. Iced everything..

So to go along with the this magical season I thought I would do a summer series of FASHION FRIDAYS where I collaborate with different guest photographers who all have there own styles..  

This week is the first in this installment and I have to say I had so much FUN.. Photographer Jason Gurvitz has photographed people in their element all over the world.. So I called him up.. and said just do your thing.. and these beautiful photos are the result.. Check his mini Bio at the bottom of this post.
Okay now on to the clothes.. I pretty much have lived in this outfit or one similar for the last couple weeks.. shorts and flats.. allow me to expand on a few of the items:
The BOY LOVER Tank:  
The awesome folks over at Krma Clothing sent me a generous birthday bag full of the yummiest tanks, slouchy tee’s along with a  buttery leather cross body bag (soon to see a FASHION FRIDAY).  If you follow me on twitter you know that I have been living in them..  This tank especially..It’s so the definition of me right now. BOY LOVER..  It’s the summer ya’ll 😉
The Kim Kardashian stacked rings:
These have not left my finger since the day I bought them.. which was my birthday.. another Bday present to myself.. Hey if you don’t treat yourself who will..?  The entire line is super cute.. Another blog soon to come.
The Helmut Lang Shorts:
The definition of perfection!
The Rebbecca Minkoff bag:
Now this was a purchase I made a while back..and it was one of those purchases where I was super hesitant..simply because there were 10 other Rebbecca Minkoff bags that I loved more.. But for some odd reason I kept gravitating back to this one.  I actually stalked a girl for 20 minutes who picked it up after I put it down for the 5th time.  THANK GOD SHE PUT IT BACK.. I ADORE everything about this bag now.. I live in this bag now..  It goes with EVERYTHING!
The Chole’s:
Need I say anything….just look at them!
Well it’s the 4th of July weekend and I am kicking myself for not buying those Jeffery Campbell Platform American Flag Heels..I so want to wear them all weekend..and I am not being sarcastic just in case you were unsure.
Enjoy your 4th everyone..
Tanks…Shorts and Messy hair… I “Like”
Taye 😉
P.S.  There were so many amazing shots I just couldn’t narrow it down any….
More on Jason Gurvitz our first summer series FASHION FRIDAY photog: 

Jason Gurvitz
Most of Jason’s work has focused on people in marginalized areas of the world and most recently at the Black Lion Hospital in Ethiopia. He has also produced films in Spain, Colombia, and the US, through his production company Green Dog Films

You can view some of his photography work here:

P.S.S.  if you know any photographers who may want to be a part of the Stuff She Likes FASHION FRIDAY Summer Series..have them email me at

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