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FASHION FRIDAY .. Stuff She Likes ♥’s Emma Benson..


Taken From FASHION FRIDAY The Summer Series
TAken from FASHION FRIDAY. A Little Nude in the California Rain

Taken from FASHION FRIDAY. Bare Nails and Baggy Jeans

So In lieu of our regular FASHION FRIDAY programing…  I am doing a little Stuff She Likes special..
Back story..
I was sitting in one of my favorite little French Cafes on Melrose.  Froma on Melrose, sipping my latte and eatting my egg/basil breakfast sandwich at 2 in the afternoon, when I heard the voice of a child that had the gusto, maturity and courage of a 25 year old.  

11 year old ARTIST.. Emma Benson the day I met her..
This big voice was coming from Little Emma Benson..  My first question was something to the effect of..

“Adore your hat..where did you get it?”  To which she replied “’s my dolls.”   

My second question was..

“Are you an actress?” which she replied..”No I’m an artist!” 
..At that moment I knew this little girl was brilliant!
How could I not have a conversation with this gem. 11 years old and more conviction that most adults.
So after a long discussion with Emma and her mother Molly,  who is also a gem BTW..  we talked about art, fashion, her drawings..  
We exchanged info..
and a couple weeks later I got an email..Emma’s interpretations of me and my FASHION FRIDAYS.. And I ADORE them.  For an 11 year old to have such talent and execute her own ideas so very in my opinion ..incredible!  
Mark my words Young Emma is going to be a force to be reckoned with.
She even has her own Cafe Press page called Emma Art where she sells her art on bags, tee’s, cards and sweatshirts..  I don’t know about you ..but at eleven.. I was playing with my barbies..and occasionally selling lemonade in front of my doorstep.. for 50 cents.

Thanks Emma…you Rock!

Emma Benson Art..I “Like”

Taye 😉

BTW, If you live in L.A.  Prepare for the 405 freeway total shut down for two days..  Carmageden is here folks..This weekend I will be walking..

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. MISSMOJO says:

    I frequent your site because I love the positivity although I never comment but I really am blown away!!!! I never, in a million years, expected to scroll down to see an 11 year old artist attached to the art! Absolutely AWESOME! Heading over to her site now. =) Thanks

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