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Belle Kim Kardashian

FASHION FRIDAY last week wearing Belle Noel rings  by Kim Kardashian
Here it is…
In last weeks FASHION FRIDAY I raved about the jewelry line Belle Noel By Kim Kardashian. If you need a little refresher click HERE.  
Back yet? 
So as promised I have photographed some of the other pieces from this super cute..very wearable line of rings, bracelets, hoops and necklaces that are at Diavolina, one of my favorite shops in LA. 
I have to say I was pretty darn impressed when I was told that it was Kim Kardashians line.  She definitely has been wowing me more than not with her own wardrobe as of late..and after the initial one second of “really?  She has a jewelry line?” wore off.. I was like “let me see everything”… then I was like “I WANT EVERYTHING“! 

Honestly I don’t really know where the shock came from..The girl has pretty much turned everything she touches into gold…so…I guess she said why not actually make some gold.. well gold plated..  but who’s telling 🙂

The pieces I saw ranged from $35 to about $70 .. Not bad at all considering I have bought rings for $50 bucks that have turned my finger green.   
Just so you know I have worn my Belle Noel rings everyday for two weeks and my finger is completely in tact.
Anyhow.. All I can say is I adore everything.  I plan on going in on some of those amazing square cuff bracelets as soon as my wallet has gotten over the shock of me going a little shopping crazy lately. Hopefully they will still be there..
I am still trying to understand the name though.  Belle Noel literally means Beautiful Christmas..  Hmm maybe when you wear it its like a beautiful Christmas everyday?..Okay probably not.. but who the hec cute, its fashion, did I mention it was super cute? .. that’s really all that matters!
Belle Noel by Kim Kardashian…I “Like”

Taye 😉

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