By Taye


Prophets and Assassins

Wednesday night armed with a borrowed camera (the Nikon has a bit of a cold) and a nasty case of strep throat I mustered up the strength to attend an amazing exhibition at the B.O.A gallery on Melrose.   
I honestly was not sure what to expect..  Just the name alone provokes thought..
Curated by Jae Joseph of Freide + Co.. his pretty stellar lifestyle branding firm and held at the newly birthed B.O.A. Gallery space on Melrose..that’s the Melrose west of Fairfax! 
Prophets and Assassins is the brain child and a product of serious collaboration between Bob Ore and artist Christopher Butler. 
The larger than life paintings pop off the walls with a very cinematic glow..  and the array of modern day as well as biblical prophets is astounding. 
Here is a quick run down of the exhibition.  
Side by side are huge glossy colorful full of light and life painting of both the “Prophets” and the Assassin of that Prophets.
for example
John Lenon. Assassin Mark David Chapman • Marlyn Monroe. Assassin Valium •  Martin Luther King. Assassin James Earl Ray •  Harvey Milk. Assassin Dan White • Anwar Sadat. Assassin Khalid Islambouli • James Dean. Assassin Porsche 130 • Anne Frank.Assaasin Anti -Semite. Socrates. Assassin Athens
Not only are the paintings brain stirring and alive.. but Freide+Co knows how to open an exhibition.  The champagne flowed and drinks were generously  poured  by the handsome models of Runway Waiters… and it may have been some of the best cured meat and cheese I have ever had.  Even sick I could not stop finding my way to the hors d’oeuvres table.
The exhibition will be up until July 15..  I recommend stopping in to take a look.
Prophets and Assassins..I “Like”
Taye 😉
BOA Gallery
8459  Melrose Ave. 
West Hollywood, CA 90048
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