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Marilyn…a day late

I have had this post in the deck for a while ..fully intending to post it yesterday..  But life sort of a day late..

Yesterday was Marilyn Monroe’s Birthday..She would have been 85 years young. 
a Gemini. a Beauty. a Person with flaws. a Human just wanting happiness.
These are some of my favorite photos of her taken by  Sam Shaw,  a dear friend of hers and a great photographer.  I adore that she is smiling in every photo.  I feel her comfort and ease in every shot.  You can see through his photo’s that he loved and respected her and in turn she trusted him.  My favorite is the second from the bottom.  The joy she feels as she dances beams through the photograph.  Beautiful.
These photos are from a book of postcards of Marilyn that I bought years ago.  I sits on my bookshelf at the top of a pile of inspiration that I go to from time to time.
Marilyn Monroe + Sam Shaw..I “Like”

Taye ūüėČ

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