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Heart Stamped Memories..Daddy’s day ♥


I thought I would share a couple photo’s of the man that I always tweet about on this fathers day.  This is my dad, Leroy.  You may recognize his name from the tattoo on my right foot.. I don’t have many photo’s of him.. I guess back then they were not as picture obsessed as we are or it could be that the  people that have photos of him would like to keep them for themselves.. very understandable ..he was very loved.  ♥
He was killed by a drunk driver when I was just three years old, he was 24.  Although I don’t remember him I feel his presence with me all the time.  Particularly in this last year..  I feel like events in my life have lead his spirit to protect me.  Which I fully appreciate!
The top photo is my favorite photo.  I don’t think I was around yet..but my mom and my dad look so cool!!!  She beautiful and him strong and handsome..  You can tell that they were very much in love.. fully part of each others world..protective of each other..

This photo of me is the only very vague memory I think I have of him.. but it is entirely possible that I have completely created the memory in my heart.  I remember sitting in his navy blue convertible Triumph and going really fast on the highway.  The sun out and all was beautiful..Does sound like a dream right..I will just continue to believe it is a memory… real and true..  It makes me smile..

Whether you are spending the day with your father, blood or not..cherish him.. Let him know that you love him!! 

Happy Fathers Day to all the wonderful Dad’s of the world…

Memories..real or created… I “Like”

Taye 😉

3 responses to “Heart Stamped Memories..Daddy’s day ♥”

  1. Shabby says:

    it must be sad to loose your dad so young! happy fathers day.

  2. JoJo says:

    Wow you have such a beautiful family. Ur dad looks like a young Ron O'neal.

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