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Hahahaha! I start this here birthday post with a quick chuckle..  I know that some of you ..especially you Mr. Courtney K.  are saying “Well Taye has finally lost it” .  I promise I did not “just” lose it…it was lost along time ago.. and the more years I pack on the more I understand how important that is..  
Okay let me actually explain myself..  
I’m referring to the ability to not take everything so very seriously..especially one’s self. 
When I was a kid I was what people like to call a cry baby.. a whiny child.. but to be perfectly honest I was just mostly a pouter.  I would pout when I did not get my way.. and my Grandma would actually laugh.. she never took me so seriously when I would pout because she knew I was just being a kid..and it’s really simple..
That’s just their little natures.  For the most part kids have no inhibitions until we as adults pile the these thoughts and ideas of..

hesitations, restriction, restraint, constraint, barriers, wariness, self-consciousness.. the beginning kids are able to brush them off.. at first all at once..then only one by one.. until the little person is eventually unable to shake them. 

Pretty much causing insecurity and reservation..
I say all this to refer back to the photo’s I chose for this birthday post..  At that moment I did not feel like shooting..I was tired and felt super I expressed it..and in return I got three photo’s that I absolutely adore!! 
Last years birthday post was all about Optimism and Love.. this year it’s all about not holding back and letting it all out.. 
your potential..your creativity..your ambition..your Gusto!! 
So long as you don’t hurt others in the process..go for what you want!!  And that’s what my year from today June 21, 2011 until June 21, 2012 will be all about!!  Me!!!.. It may sound selfish..but when you express all of you ..the world will definitely be a better place for everyone…
With that said.. I will go through this day..with everything I have to express.. and enjoy everything that comes my way..
Happy Birthday to me 😀
Gusto… I “Like”
Taye 😉

Photo’s by Jason Maddox

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  1. Happy Birthday! My bday is next Monday and I'll be joining you in a cute, reflective post.

  2. B&M says:

    Happy Birthday!

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