By Taye


Another Amazing Event…Armed with only my iPhone

Quick post.. Last week I was super excited to be invited to the Restoration Hardware Gallery opening in association with LACMA. 
Rather than me attempt to remember or write everyone involved I’ll just post the invite here ☟ That way you can get the gist..

 Okay got it?  
After valeting my extremely dirty vehicle (embarrassing) and fighting my way through the 35 or so protesters on the picket line yelling obscenities..yes I just said protesters on the picket line..(I actually forgot where I was for about 10 seconds).. I entered one of the most beautifully lit tree covered patios (at least I think that’s what it was) that I have ever seen and promptly made my way to the bar.   
Not only were the drinks overflowing..Fresh Peach Bellini’s served by Luca Rastelli of Cipriani NY (light on the alcohol just the way I like it)..sooooo good and hors d’oeuvres by Tyler Florence, Ah-mazing.  The gallery is unbelievably inspiring.  Every corner I turned I kept saying “I need my house to look like this”! 
Now you might be wondering why I did not take my Nikon to this event.. Here’s the deal..we were specifically told that we could not bring our cameras because they had event photogs there already to go.  
Hello iPhone.. Now I had to be super incognito and most of the shots were taken whilst I would gently glide by the subject.. peach bellini and Rebbecca Minkoff in one hand and iPhone in the other.  It was actually quite fun.  Once in a while I would get caught and evil eyed by security..nothing a little wink and sweet hello couldn’t handle. 
Anyhow.. If you can get by there I highly recommend going..taking a stroll..imagining how amazing life would be with every piece in your house….well maybe that’s just me..but trust me you will be wowed!
BTW  Mr. Jae Joseph and Mr. Patrick Buchanan were my partners in crime..
Restoration Hardware and Peach Bellini’s.. I “Like”
Taye 😉
P.S.  I guess that wasn’t such a quick post..
Restoration Hardware
8772 Beverly Blvd.

West Hollywood, CA 90048

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