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Wellness Tonics

So every week almost every week I head to whole foods for some basics.  
Greek Yogurt • Raw Granola • Almond Cheese
Gluten Free Crackers • Cookies • Wellness Tonic’s.  
I’ve sort of replaced my Kombutcha addiction with these oh so good “fa ya” and “ta ya” drinks.  I have a super sensitive body and I have to make sure that I keep it well “oiled” both inside and out.   I am a person who absolutely has to partake in something that cleanses me from the inside out at least once a day or my body will literally scream at me.  
Anyhow… a few months back BHS (Before Hip Surgery) I was at a short film festival and a young man approaches me and says “you used design dope shirts”  WHOA!!!..completely caught off guard.. I had to regroup because that was like a million years ago (whole other story..yes I in fact had two different Tee-shirt lines at two different times that were in the hottest boutiques in LA, SF and NYC).
So once I regrouped and pulled my jaw off the floor because someone actually remembered my stuff,  I asked him what he did.. 
What do you do?
Wellness Tonics.
Wellness Wellness Tonics?
Like the ones I buy every week at Whole Foods?

And right then and there I knew it was fate.  I had to blog..  

Cut to months later.. 
Here we are.  If you don’t know them already..allow me to introduce you.. 
Wellness Tonics…Meet my readers…Readers…Meet Wellness Tonics.
Four different tonics.. Four different functions all leading to the same goal.. 
Purify • Revive • Alkalize • Invigorate.  
I took that last bit straight from the pamphlet.. I could not have said it any better.
Wellness Tonics…I “Like”
Taye 😉
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Wellness Tonics

3 responses to “Wellness Tonics”

  1. I'm a Kombucha addict. What's the best flavor?

  2. I love them all.. different days I love different ones for different reasons.. The Antioxidant Enzymes def on the top of the list..

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