By Taye


Unconditional love…Happy Mommy’s day

I don’t really recall the day when I transitioned from the word Mommy to Mom.. I know it was well into my late teens…And I don’t really remember why I did..  Knowing me, it was an attempt at sounding more mature.  The word Mommy is so special..It hosts a loving innocence that only comes with unconditional love. 
When I ask my friends who are  mothers to describe what they feel for their little angels..the words in their descriptions may differ..but the meanings are all the same. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE..
If you have ever read the very first blog post on Stuff She Likes..I speak about my favorite photo of my mother.  Here are a few more.  I dedicate this post to my mother and my two grandmothers.  These three women are extraordinary!!!  Unconditional love is all I can say…
Mommy’s day….I “Like”
Taye 😉
*P.S.  Little outfit disclaimer…second Photo..I’m pretty sure that I conned my mom to letting me wear that…  Don’t judge her 😉

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