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Night Cap

A long long time ago in a blog post far far away I mentioned Collagen Powder… Since then the Stuff She Likes inbox has had several requests for a Collagen Powder post..  So I thought ..Why not now..
It’s a mini review of the supplements that I take at night right before I go to bed.  
It’s my night cap.
I’d  like to think   no…I firmly believe that my mostly clear skin (despite the fact that I love sweets), health hair (I do a lot of mean stuff to it) and healthy nails have a little something to do with the stuff in the photo above.  I proclaim this very strong statement because whenever I slack off and forget my “Night Cap” for a little while,  I start to see the difference.  Not so clear skin, dry hair, splitting peeling nails.  Doesn’t take a scientist!
Okay a quick run down:
I have a significant amount of diabetics in my immediate family.  Thus my Chromium intake began after I did a blood sugar test that for me was waaaayyyy to close to the edge of being diabetic.  I am not diabetic..but I am a steady believer in preventive actions.  Don’t wait until it happens to address the issue.
Super Collagen
Beneficial in so many ways.  It thickens your hair, corrects week brittle nails, helps to build lean muscle mass and repairs the connective tissues throughout your body.  You know that stuff women are always getting injected into their face.. I drink it!  Collagen helps keep it all tight!  Warning..It smells like death and tastes even worse.  My advice…Plug your nose and guzzle.
Vitamin K
I bruise easily.. REALLY EASILY!!  Actually easily is not the word.  If I bump into anything I get a massive black, blue & purple bruise on that very spot (arms, legs, head) and I am a bit of a klutz so I’m ALWAYS bruised.  Vitamin K has changed that for the better by about 75 percent for me.  Here’s nice little side effect.. the dark circles under my eyes are significantly lessened when I take it.
Acne, brittle nails, diabetes, eczema and hair loss…need I say more 😉
Well there you have it.  I am no expert..But I do know what works for me and I am discovering new goodies all the time. So from time to time I will post what I do or what I have learned.  
Growing up my mom always taught me that how I treat the inside of my body directly effects the outside.  
Beauty is literally from within…
You can find all these supplements at Whole Foods and nothing is over $20 bucks. Yay!
Getting it in from within.. I “Like”
Taye 😉

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