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Fashion Friday…♥Excuse me..but I’m Obssessed ♥


 Today’s Look
Levis Cut Offs: Ruff-Cut Jean Repair (blog coming soon)
Tank: American Apparel
Jacket: H&M
Ring: Marc by Marc
Wallet: YSL
Booties: Stella McCartney
Hair Feathers: Jessica Increta 
So I had a whole other FASHION FRIDAY all ready to go…but it got quickly vetoed by the recent addition of feathers to my hair.  I just had to show you guys.  I freaking love them.  So Jason and I pulled ourselves together for a quick and very last minute shoot last night with literally about 10 minutes of light left..  PHEW!!!
I was going to feature the new cut offs at some point why not now.. I am obsessed with cut offs as we all saw a couple weeks back.   Two reasons:  
1. You can dress them up or down 
2. They always give any simple outfit an edge.  
In my humble opinion cut offs should NEVER…I repeat NEVER be super tight.. I always buy mine at least a size to big..  in this case these are a size 33.. I usually wear a 26..  Get the Point?? …The looseness off sets the fact that most cut offs are butt grazing short.. 
Loose and short okay.. tight and short…YIKES!!!!!!!
Okay.. The Feathers.. About a month ago I was in the locker room at physical therapy and this super cute girl walked in with a tiny feather peaking out through her hair..  So me being me, I screemed “OMG..Where can I get one?”  Never be afraid to ask a girl where she got something if you like what she is doing!
Anyhow she said..”Jessica!!” 
CUT TO:  4 weeks of conflicting schedules later…Jessica and I final hooked up yesterday afternoon.. 
I am now obsessed..  Next week I will do a full post about Jessica and all her amazingness..she doesn’t do just feathers!!!
The Shoes:  Well..They are Stella.. sometimes it’s okay to let the platform and the super high heel take a rest..
Cut offs and Feathers…I  “Like”
Have a great weekend everyone and give all your mom’s a big Stuff She Likes hug!!!
Taye 😉
P.S.  The winner of last weeks Backstage Galaxy Dress GIVEAWAY is Nicole ( ).  She has a super cute blog.  Check it out here
Thank you to all who entered…Stay Tuned..there will be more awesome giveaways in the near future 🙂

5 responses to “Fashion Friday…♥Excuse me..but I’m Obssessed ♥”

  1. Nicole says:

    WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! I won! Thanks for the shout out too! This made my DAY! iDig the booties and I just wore cut offs in my last post too! Great minds 😉

  2. galatea. says:

    oooh magical shots. i love that your tat is peeking on the side- very cute x

  3. I love the way you pulled this look together. Where did you get the belt?

  4. Thanks you guys… .. I can't remember where I got the belt 🙁 was at a store in Echo Park.. one of those just walking by purchases. I think it was a guys skate shop.. It's my fav at the moment 😉

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