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Carmela Ice Cream..seriously should be illegal!!

It was a rainy day back in February when I ventured to Pasadena to shoot the newly opened Carmela Artisan Creamery.  Not to be confused with a scoop shop which they hope to open soon.  Meaning they manufacture all the yumminess in the back of the shop and have a small retail counter in the front.  
I had already been a huge fan of Carmela Ice Cream for a while being that almost every Sunday during the previous summer the Carmela booth would be my first stop at the Hollywood Farmers Market.    Yes Ice Cream for breakfast people!  A little cup of Salted Caramel accompanied by copious tiny tastings of almost every other flavor.  So you can imagine my angst for the last few months of winter as I sat on this gem of a blog post! 
Quick run down of the flavors before we move on:

Salted Caramel
Brown Sugar Vanilla Bean
Dark Chocolate Cacao Nib
Strawberry Buttermilk
Lavender Honey
Mint Cacao Nib
Lemon Basil Sorbet
Spiced Strawberry Sorbet
Cucumber Sorbet
Are you drooling yet??
Well there is more..
Carmela Ice Cream sandwiches are made with cookies baked at the creamery from scratch and garnished with sea salt:
Here comes another flavor rundown:
Brown Sugar Vanilla Bean ice cream, Chocolate Chip cookie. 
 Salted Caramel ice cream, Dark Chocolate cookie. 
Fresh Mint w/ Cacao Nibs ice cream, Dark Chocolate cookie. 
 Strawberry Buttermilk ice cream, Brown Sugar cookie.
Dear lord I may stop typing and take a trip to Pasadena right now!  Pause while I gather myself..
Okay I’m back..
Now to some basics…The where.  The when.  The where.
The Artisan Creamery:
Location: Pasadena
When: 7 days a week.  Sunday -Thursday 12pm- 9pm.  Friday and Saturday 12pm-10pm
The Hollywood Farmers Market:
Location: Selma and Ivar.  
When: Sunday 8am-1pm

The Pasadena Farmers Market:
Location: The corner of El Centro Street and Meridian Ave.  
When: Thursday’s 4pm-8pm
Oh I am not done yet..

Not only do they make the most amazing ice cream.. But they have a vintage 1975 Step Van Ice Cream Truck along with a vintage ice cream cart that will come to you and cater your event with pure tastiness..

Not to Shabby!
Carmela Artisan Creamery .. I “Like”
Taye 😉

Carmela Artisan Creamery and Ice Cream

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