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YSL Beauty.. ohh the pretty packaging..

 Quick Beauty post
Trip to Neimans…Lunch….a little shopping (very little)..some NARS (previously seen here)  and a bit of YSL..
Moving into spring my make up colors lighten up and my skin gets darker…Yay!!!  Winter is not the best of times for my ever so mixed heritage…
Thus new foundation and concealer are in order..  This time around I decided to bite the bullet and try out YSL.  Been wanting to try it for a while now but my wallet says hell no every time.. (and my wallet is a YSL!) …anyhow, being the Gemini/Cancer cusp baby that I am .. I decided to take the plunge..  That plunge was way less painful that previously anticipated.  I bought the Radiant Touch concealer and the Perfect Touch Radiance foundation.  Which BTW are both rather high tech with their built in brushes..super cute.
My verdict?…. 
Soooooo worth it!!  I actually just ran into a director I worked with last year and he went on and on about how radiant I looked! Hilarious right!!  Get it? ..radiant 🙂
And with all that said ..Isn’t the packaging the freaking prettiest!!  The gold and pale pink are perfection.. Think I may steal that color combo for my next mani/pedi.  On the other hand if you’re not so into the YSL foundation after you get it you can always do like my grandma does with all the perfume that she doesn’t wear.. put the pretty bottles on display in the guest bathroom.. Oh come on… don’t act like there is no one in your family that does that!!
And Yes that’s me in the reflection of the foundation bottle! Kind of cool right!
YSL Radiance… I “Like”
Taye 🙂

5 responses to “YSL Beauty.. ohh the pretty packaging..”

  1. Mike says:

    wonderful one !

  2. mahakk01 says:

    I really like the YSL packaging design.This really looks nice and good choice of color for the box.They painted their logo on the box in very stylish way.It surely going to catch your eyes.It really worth using their style of packaging.
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