By Taye


Liquid…Not just another juice place..

We met on a Saturday and I have been back for more everyday since..
Sometimes a slight detour will lead you to great things..
This is exactly what happened last Saturday.  Heading home from the all healing Dr. Tom (that would be my chiropractor), something in me said “Taye…take a different path”.   Now in a bit of a panic from the tiny voice talking to me from God knows where, I attempted to start running through the decisions of my life…  And I ran right into Liquid.
Which slightly distracted me from my panic…I’m a Gemini..very easily distracted.. anyhow..I made a Uturn in the middle of Beverly Boulevard and snagged a park right in front..
Which is equally nice being that I am still “crutching”.  
#1.  We all know that I love food..all kinds of food.. except for cut fruit in it’s natural form..but that’s a whole different exploration into the psyche of Taye.  
#2. We all know that  I do make concerted efforts to balance out my debauchery with fresh juices and organic everything.  
So stumbling upon the two month old Liquid pretty much rocked my world.
As soon as I set foot in the place my energy level went up a notch an my panic completely took a back burner.  This super modern clean white Juice/ Smoothie/Sustainable shop is full of yummy drinks, stimulating green/wellness shots and and Acai bowl that will blow your mind.  Which I have had everyday minus the banana’s and fruit topping.   Like I said’s a whole other exploration.
As I grilled the awesome folks of Liquid I found out that they are family owned and operated…YAY, organic…YAY and pride themselves on the sustainability of everything they sell …did I already say YAY!!!
What more could you ask for…
Liquid…..I “Like”
Taye 😉

8180 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 300-8070

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