By Taye


Happy Easter…Make it LOVE ♥ ♥ ♥



I was looking back through my catalog of photographs and came across a little project that Mr. Courtney K and I were doing one night a couple years back.  We had a little flash light and a lot of time!!

As I was thinking about today.. Easter.. a day of re-birth.. I was also thinking of my favorite word ♥LOVE♥ .  

Easter whether you are a religious person or not is a day of love.  Love is the way to create change, in essence a re-birth in not only the world but ourselves.  For me it is the one feeling that encompasses all emotions.  I both battle and embrace it.. and that’s why I welcome LOVE and ALL good and bad that may come with it. 
No matter what your plans are today..Go through the day with love…You never know what beautiful change may come.

Taye 😉

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