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Grilled Cheese for days…

I LOVE FOOD…so being asked to judge the Grilled Cheese invitational with a V.I.P. all access pass was pretty much a no brainer.  If you follow me on twitter, Saturday you got a play by play.

Basically it was me(and some other judges) + bread + butter (lots of it) + copious amounts of cheese + a really warm Saturday afternoon… 
…does it get better than that??  Hardly!!!  Below is a little run down of the Stuff She Likes Favorites.
This beautiful creation belongs to Cameron Mcclean who is the soon to be exec chef at Marstons in Valencia.. It’s Cheese..beacon, and orange zest butter.. Ah-mazing!!!
Named: Everything But the tomato Soup.  Two sisters from Dallas. Handmade bread, sun dried tomatoes, basil, prosciutto, Munster and Monterey jack cheese.  WOW!!
This simple but delish grilled creation was thought up by Josh Hodas (a lawyer BTW). Walnut Pumpernickel bread and two mild cheeses.. SOOOOOOOO GOOD!!
The Oaks Gourmet: Previously Blogged here.. Named: the Grey Pearl. Sourdough Bread, sage butter & Perlagrigia cheese.  Yummy!
Another simple one..Fresh Mozzarella and Basil!! WOW!!

Brace yourself!!  The Folks from the Standard Hotel call it Bleu Luv… You ready?….Nutella and Gorgonzola Cheese.  Seriously sinful!!
I didn’t catch her name..but she said.. ” I can bake my ass off”  and yes she can..this little pint size creation consists of Candied Sun dried Tomato pound cake, Mascarpone cheesecake and tomato jam.. Whoa!
And last but not least!!… Guillermo (didn’t catch his last name) and Luis Delao of the U.S. Forrest Service Fire Dept. Yay for Fire Fighters, created THE KRISPY KREME GRILLED CHEESE… need I say more????
Before embarking on this little adventure  I had a tinsy winsy idea of what I was getting myself into.. So I grabbed my girl Reena, (talent manager extraordinaire!! ), my crutches (ugh), my Nikon, my fierce appetite and headed out the door..
When we arrived it was organized chaos.. Super fun.. Complete with a cheese costume contest won by “Cheesus Christ” .  Yes I just said Cheesus Christ.  
Who knew that when founder Tim Walker decided to have have a little grilled cheese off at his downtown loft in 2003..eight years later it would be a festival with thousands of attendees and countless sponsors including my faves Tillamook.  That’s some serious inspiration!!!
Check out some more shots of what I witnessed..

 I suggest everyone go next year!!!!  I’ll be there!
Grilled Cheese.. I “Like”
Taye ūüėČ 

P.S.  If you attended this event and see a photo of you…feel free to email me for a high res version..

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  1. tnbrowne says:

    Wow. Grilled cheese, huh? Who knew…lol. Looks yummy though.

    …shop, shop, shop

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