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Patience…Barneys Warehouse Sale Part 2

Ahh..part two..The actual purchase..You may be asking yourself is this blog worthy?  Well sort of??  I am actually posting these photo’s not just to show off my new shoes..but to show off how they came about… not to mention I just love the way the photograph!


Some days I post pics of “stuff I like” because it’s “stuff I want”…and I have often talked about having patience when it comes to the more pricey purchases.  My rule is that if you wait a couple months, it will go on sale..and nothing is better than getting something you really want on sale..

I waited.
They landed at the Barney’s warehouse sale!
I posted this on the Stuff She Likes facebook which I get a F grade for up keep.. Opps! Between twitter and this blog and my own facebook page and life I simply forget.  Anyhow..Way back in January I was lusting after these Loffler Randall lace ups..and come March.. I had them in my little hands..  Patience..It definitely pays off in the form of 60% off..yay!!
On to Recovery news..My hip is doing really well.. and I am actually so astonished by the amount of love and help I have received from my friends and family.  So many have brought me food, snacks and just sat with me for a few hours.  It’s really nice to know that I have touched peoples lives enough that they would all be here for me when I need them.  So I thank my friends and family for that.  I am up on crutches..although not for long at at time.. and soon I will be back in my heels….
I can’t wait..because I have not worn my new shoes…
60% off and great friends…I “Like”
Taye 😉

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