By Taye


Make-up whores of the world unite!

Me..age 4..homemade Wonder Woman Halloween costume complete with red star on my forehead!

I’m such a make-up whore!!
I have so much make-up that one would think that I am a professional make-up artist…Nope..not at all…I just love make-up…
Now one of my New Years resolutions was that I was not going to buy any more make up…none (nail polish doesn’t count)!  I was going to use the piles and piles of products that I already have until they were gone.  Would you believe that I have only gone through one entire tube of lipstick in my life.  That would be Nars Barbarella..Amazing color BTW… anyhow..  
I also attribute my lack of finishing a tube to my pint sized lips,  but that’s a whole different story.  Oh well.. Who the hec was I kidding… I will just have to focus on the other 10 resolutions I made.
So I spent this past Monday running some much needed and over due errands..which lead me to The Grove..which lead me to Nordstorms ..which lead me to the M.A.C make up store..which lead me to the Wonder Woman Collection.. only to find out that I am about 4 weeks late on this train..  Ugg this no make up New Years resolution thing…anyhow.. I snagged up the remaining two lip colors of my choice Satin Spitfire and Athena’s Kiss and begged for a sample of the sold out eye pigment Reflect Gold..which is absolutely stunning.. and boy did she give me an extremely hearty sample of the Reflect Gold pigment… A little nice goes a long way folks..
Now to the sappy portion of this post..
When I was a kid..Wonder Woman was my favorite female super hero…(She-ra was a close second)..  followed by the Transformers and Superman.  Anyhow..I got all nostalgic when I saw the M.A.C Wonder Woman collection,  so I thought I would dig up some pics of me in my favorite Halloween Costume of all age 4 with my childhood BFF Aisha (also 4 and I have no idea where she is now)  🙁 …  My mom made these costumes (benefits of having a mom who is 25).. Gotta love the eagle and the star on my forehead.   I so wish I had one in my size today.  I just might embarrass myself!
Alright enough of that!!
I highly suggest checking out the Wonder Woman collection at M.A.C.  Super cute….

Here’s to breaking New Years resolutions…for a good cause of course!!

Wonder Woman Collection at M.A.C…. I  “Like”

Taye 😉

M.A.C.  Cosmetics

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