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Fashion Friday…Short and to the point..

Today’s Look
Cardigan: American Apparel
Top: Backstage
Skirt: Backstage
Tights: Wolford
Shoes: Vintage YSL
Jewels: b x co.
Ahh it’s Fashion Week in LA…and unfortunately I have missed it due to my surgery last week. ..but one great thing about fashion week is that one happens every season in all the major fashion capitals.  So in a couple months I’ll be back.  The one show I am sad about missing is the Ghita runway show.  Heard it was amazing!
So despite me being on the hot mess express this last week..FASHION FRIDAY must go on..and this week it will go on with a shoot that was done a little while back.  One night Jason the photog and I were shooting a different FASHION FRIDAY when we decided to play around with one more look.  
Lets start with the American Apparel sweater that never see’s the closet because it’s always on my back. Love this sweater.. other than that fact that it’s a little pricey for American Apparel..we all know we love to go in there and spend $40 bucks..I highly recommend you pick one up.  They also have a version that is jersey cotton.. AMAZZZZZE!
The Backstage Duo.
Who can resist a tank bodysuit with feathers!! Super cute.  And the skirt, short and to the point! The cross panels both in the front and back are any girls best friend..they hide what we don’t need them to see .. Cellulite alert.. I definitely have it.  Plus both pieces go from winter to spring to summer flawlessly!

The Vintage YSL”s..
There is a really long story behind these that involve me getting stood up for a school dance and my mom wanting me to feel like a princess (a YSL’s clad version of one) and a trip to Sak’s Fifth Ave.. I will refrain from telling you the year this all went down..just know that the shoes were bought new and at the time cost $250 bucks…and yes I still have the box which might qualify me as a hoarder.

The b x co. Jewels..
b x co. is the baby of my friend Mr. Browne Andrews.  I have loved his collection ever since I first saw it at his launch party at Fred Segal.  Everything he makes is so eclectic and tangible and so many of the pieces are interchangeable.  Necklaces can be worn a million different ways..even as bracelets. When you wear his pieces you feel like you are wearing a piece that you will have for the rest of your life.  The materials that make the collection come from all over the world are all hand selected. If you don’t quite see a piece that fits you in the collection he will custom make on for you. Contact him at
Well I hope you all had fun yesterday on Saint Paddy’s day..
Heavy jewels and Vintage YSL..I “Like”
Have a great weekend!
Taye 😉

*The photo’s of FASHION FRIDAY are a collaborative effort of Taye Hansberry and fellow photographer Jason Maddox.  To see more of his amazing  work click HERE

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