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Excuse me.. are those your lashes?

So in the past couple of months I find my self answering these questions a lot..  
What mascara do you use?..or what are you doing because your lashes look great… 
And every time my answer is.. Maybelline..
So here’s the deal:
A few months ago I switched from the $29 dollar Lancome mascara that I have been wearing for years 7.99 Maybelline..and whoa.. I have never had more compliments on my lashes.. Who knew..
Thus I thought I would post about it. 
On a day to day I switch between the Falsies Volume Express and the Colossal Volume Express.  All depending on my mood..both equally great but both definitely different.
The Colossal lengthens with pretty nice volume.  It spaces your lashes out really nicely.. where as the Falsies make your lashes super thick.. some times I mix the two.
So there you have it..  For 5.99 and 7.99 you really can’t beat it!
Maybelline.. Colossal and Falsies Mascara…. I “Like”
Taye ūüėČ
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3 responses to “Excuse me.. are those your lashes?”

  1. Kia says:

    I swear by this mascara, it never disappoints.

  2. Colossal is my go-to as well…have been using it for years and always get the question if those are my lashes…I am going to have to try the falsies too….


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