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Barneys Warehouse Sale.. Part 1

My mission:  Shoes
My destination: Barney’s Warehouse Sale.
Okay being that the L.A. Barneys Warehouse sale was over a month ago I do realize that this post may seem a bit late..but never fear there is a point to what will be this two part post.  
So a before I had surgery..Courtney K and I decided to go to the Barneys Warehouse sale. Some of you may remember the slightly threatening  totally hysterical text message I received from him the night before.. if you don’t.. see it here….
We went… We saw… We conquered…
I love the Warehouse sale.  Before I ever went I was amongst the folks who have heard the stories of crazy ladies fighting over  Givenchy heels and the ever awkward communal dressing room where everyone attempts to try on elaborate outfits without showing off all their girly stuff.  Usually over the clothes they already have on.
Ahhh…It was a fun morning..
We also ran into my buddy Preston Davis..pictured below..
Preston showing of his soon to be purchase
Besides being a working model and actor and having amazing style…he is just an awesome human being.. follow him on twitter here..his tweets will brighten your day.  And I am pretty sure he got those awesome pants.
Then after a rough decision making process an a purchased pair of Loeffler Randall Boots that I have been drooling over for months, and incidentally will be the sole focus of part two of this BWP  (Barneys Warehouse Post),  Cortney and I headed to the Nickel Diner where I proceeded to order a Bacon Covered Glazed Doughnut. Yes I said Bacon Covered Glazed Doughnut.  YUM! 
Photo by Kimberli Ransom
They also have homemade pop tarts..but I succeeded in exhibiting self control and stopped at the doughnut..Phew…I suggest you all take a trip..the food is pretty good too!

Oh and if the pics on this post are a little skimpy it’s because I was stopped and warned that photo’s were not allowed to be taken at the sale.. uhhh OKAY????

Barney’s Warehouse Sale and Bacon covered doughnuts… I “Like”
Taye šŸ˜‰

3 responses to “Barneys Warehouse Sale.. Part 1”

  1. Man, would I have LOVED to have been near that sale! But it's probably better for my wallet that I wasn't.

    Thanks for your recent comment on G&G, Taye!


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