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Le Labo…

Another continuation of the Places and Products I love that enable me to walk out the door everyday and not scare people…..

Everyone around me knows that I have the most sensitive body on the planet.  Everything and anything breaks me out.. This being said,  I cannot go near 98.8 percent of the amazing perfumes on the market.  Sucks. A girl should have the right to smell good! 
However there are some smell goods that don’t cause sneeze attacks, headaches, facial swelling and a massive rash wherever they may land.  Right now my favorite comes from a little place called Le Labo.
I sort of found this place just like I pick out books that I buy.. I fall in love with the cover first, then I check out the inside!!..
Except, if I like the cover of a book enough I most likely will buy it..even if the inside sucks..Hmm this is sounding strangely like most of the relationships I have been in.. I’m starting to see a pattern.
Anyhow (vigorously shakes head) ….Back to Le Labo
What’s awesome about Le Labo is that you pick from the 18 plus fragrances they offer and a human being, I repeat, a human being… not a machine at a factory mixes it up and bottles it right there in front of you.
Translation:  You are not getting a mass produced, made in a factory two years ago, been sitting in a warehouse, then shipped to a department store, where it sits in a stockroom for a while before making it to the shelf, where who knows how long it will take to get to a happy home type product.  ..Phew that was mouthful!!
At Le Labo there is an expiration date.
Okay if that did not peak your interest.. Once you have gone through your bottle of freshly prepared can take that bottle back to Le Labo and they refill it at a discount for you.  Thus helping you leave less of a carbon footprint in this world.  That was my go green announcement for the day 🙂
There are Le Labo’s all over the world
..and this is not all of them.  For a list of other cities click here
Did I mention that a few of the stores have city exclusive fragrances.  The L.A. fragrance is MUSC 25….and I must say it is delicious on me.
Okay now just so you all know..the fragrances are genderless.  Meaning they are awesome on both boys and girls. So if you have a significant other you guys can totally share.  It’s been a while since I have been in a couples still do stuff like that.?  or was that totally cheesy?
One last thing… Issac who works in the L.A. store..soon to work in the New York store just might be the nicest person I have ever met!!
Okay one more “one last thing”.. Le Labo makes for a fantastic unique (BTW I hate that word but I can not think of a better one at this moment)  V-Day gift 🙂
Le Labo….. I “Like”
Taye 😉
Le Labo (L.A.)
8385 West 3rd Street
los Angeles, Ca 90048

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