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I aint no punk.. maybe a Steampunk..

I was introduced to Cathy Barron and her Steampunk line through my make up artist and friend the lovely Jamie Blair and of course when I love something the way I fell in love Steampunk I always email Mr. Courtney K. pictures of the fabulousness…
It’s actually a thing we do just about everyday with just about everything from cupcakes to sweaters to furniture to nails to shoes to..  okay you get the point!
Anyhow.. Court absolutely loved it I thought I would let him ask Cathy a few questions so we could all get to know her and her awesome line:  a sort of guest Stuff She Likes-er (yes I know I just made that word up)..I kinda like it ..hehe 🙂
Here’s what inspector Courtney found out:

CK:  How long have you been creating Steampunk jewelry? 
CB: I started creating Steampunk and vintage inspired jewelry about a year and a half ago.  I started out playing around with the tiny gears and making intricate pieces and moved on to using the entire watch movements, too.  I opened up my Etsy store in February of 2010.
CK:  Who is a Steampunk shopper?  Describe the style of your Steampunk enthusiast. 
CB: Oooh, I love this question. A Steampunk shopper can be anyone.  It depends on the piece.  I see Steampunk designs that are made for a goth enthusiast or punk style. My designs aren’t typically too dark or goth looking.  I appeal to a person who likes edgy, unique pieces with a vintage feel.  Although I have chunky pieces and large watch movements to work with, I often lean towards a delicate design.  To answer your question, a Steampunk shopper can be anyone who digs the beauty, intricacy, and craftsmanship of the yesteryear. 
CK:  I see that you have a full line ranging from earrings to cuff links.  What was the very first item created in the Steampunk collection? 
CB: The VERY first item created in the collection is something that I have held onto.  I created a ring with gears stacked on top of each other.
CK: Is your collection made by hand? If so, how long does it take on average to create a piece from start to finish? 
CB: Yes, I make every single piece.  As for how long each piece takes, it depends.  I have bins and drawers full of chains, watch parts, findings, charms, etc…sometimes I just sit at my workstation and stare at everything until items jump out at me.  Sometimes I try to force something to work, and it just doesn’t feel right.  Once I have decided on the pieces to use and the design I’d like to go with, the actual workmanship itself can take up to a day or two to complete.
CK: How has the Steampunk movement influenced you as not only a designer but in your day to day life?   For example: Have you adopted the Steampunk aesthetic in your home decor, music or film? 
CB: As a designer, I have adopted a better appreciation for well made items.  It seems like so many things now are plastic and not much thought were put into the making of the items.  The workmanship of these beautiful watch pieces is outstanding.  Most have real rubies and real gold embedded in them with etchings or texture added to the face.  I feel that, in general, my taste has improved.  I’d prefer to see a Coca Cola sign that is vintage than a brand new one.  There is just such a huge difference in the way things were made 50 years ago.
CK:  If any, what other jewelry lines do you wear?  What is the “Stuff You Like”? 
CB: I wear jewelry from many different lines and designers.  There is a shop in Santa Monica called Accents where designers make their own pieces from hand and I have many of their necklaces and bracelets.  I like long necklaces with lots of chain. I’d say I’m a lace and chain kind of girl. I like edgy and different.  
CK: Do you custom jewelry for your customers?  
CB: YES!  I do accept custom orders.  I am working on a wedding set right now as a matter of fact.  I am making cuff links with tuxedo buttons for someone attending a wedding in July.
CK:  Besides online, where else can we find your jewelry?  Flea markets, trade shows, etc.?
CB:  Right now, I am only selling online or in person if you contact me.  In the future, I will definitely be setting up tables at events or markets.  I have a facebook page at and you can follow me on Twitter for updates
CK:  What is next for the Steampunk jewelry line? 
CB: I am learning to melt different kinds of metals and create my own jewelry bases- I will have a high end, luxurious Steampunk line within the year-some pieces even incorporating diamonds!  But for now, I just released a few of my rings from my Bee Ring collection.  The bird rings are some of my most popular selling items , hopefully the bee rings will be as popular!  Some of my pieces have also been seen on the red carpet- worn by Brea Grant from Heroes and H2 as well as  the beautiful host, Kristyn Burt. 
I am obsessing over the prospect of a high end line from Steampunk! 
Thanks Cathy!!  ….and Thanks Courtney K for that awesome interview…
Steampunk… I “Like”
Taye 😉

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  1. The best part of all of this? I subscribe to your blog outside of Cathy….then I see she is featured today…..and then my name is mentioned. Thank you! Cathy's work is amazing!

  2. Cathy says:

    Love this, Taye! Thank you for the lovely post about my jewelry! xoxoxo (the photos are gorgeous!)

  3. brinda says:

    Absolutely wondrous post. Thanks for sharing such inspiring and creative article. I am really impressed to read such amazing articles.

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