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Fashion Friday..a little late with a shameless plug


In lieu of a proper FASHION FRIDAY I thought I would post another shameless plug.
I am so excited to be the cover story of this  months Liberating Style Magazine..  Now a lot of you know them from the couple of times I have shamelessly plugged my own work with them.. well this time they asked little ole me to step in front of the camera.  And so I did..
Although slightly marred by rain, it was such a fun filled shoot.  I pretty much asked them to used all my friends for the shoot..even Mr Courtney K had a role in getting this thing done..  I love it!
…And I could not be happier..  hope you all enjoy what I had to say to them..
To read the actual article click here
Also for those who may not know..NBA All Star weekend has made its way to Los Angeles..  Lets just say the last time I went to an all star weekend I actually had a physical reaction of pure EWWWW,  and am pretty much scared for life.  However we here at Stuff She Likes are a positive only blog.. so that is all I will say about that.  I am slated to go a couple events that friends have invited me to but for the most part I will be in hiding 🙂  So see ya Monday!!
If you are in LA.. Stay Safe..
Being on the cover.. I “Like”
Wait am I suppose to say that out loud?
Taye 😉

4 responses to “Fashion Friday..a little late with a shameless plug”

  1. Max says:

    Taye! I'm so thrilled to find you again after such a long hiatus! We met several seasons ago at a pitchfest! I wanted to be the hottest screenwriter in the world, remember? Haha. I had an indirect invitation [if it really was from you] from Linkedin to join your blahblahblah…How colorfully exciting your blog is! I'll say a fervent prayer to the "Al Capone of the universe" for your fast recovery, my friend. My ad is: Get in touch, please. A mail or chatline will do it. Max Paine

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