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Benefit Boutique + Stuff She Likes = a soiree..and you are invited..

 Before I get into the nitty gritty of this blog post…..
YAY…Stuff She Likes is teaming up with the Benefit Boutique on 3rd street to bring you..

I am super excited about this..It’s a chance to have fun..get a $10 brow wax by some of the best in L.A., paint your face, eat a little, drink a little, and unwind!!
And it gives me a chance to meet my readers…YAY!!!! 

Okay now back to the Blog…
I’ve been wanting to do beauty series on the places and products I love that help beautify me on a daily basis.
To quote Carrie Bradshaw..
“See this..I don’t wake up like takes products!..”  
Okay maybe not an exact quote..but you get the point!
We begin the Beauty Series with..
The Benefit Boutique..
I have been wanting to blog about this make up playpen for months..
Let me start by saying this is the cutest little place ever.  Full of pink and full of inviting.  Everything in the boutique entices  you to pick it up and try it.  Which is exactly what I do when I am there.
Okay now some specific points..Need a little hair removed?  Along with “making face” worthy of the red carpet..they do:
Facial waxing • Brow tinting • Spray Tanning • Brazilian Waxing 
Body Waxing • Threading
Now lets talk about the Beauty Bash Menu..
Grab your girls and for anywhere from $50-$80 bucks a person you can pretty much have a beauty bash for any occasion.  So ladies this means your bridal parties, wedding showers, lunch time pick me ups, or just plain old I want some girl time with my ladies..all have a home.
Sounds AH-mazing right?  There’s more..
..Let me break it down for you.. along with the stupendous Benefit Boutique on 3rd Street.. there are:
2 in Los Angeles
5 in San Fransisco 
4 in Chicago
2 in New York 
Benefit Boutiques…I “Like”
See ya’ll next Thursday!
Taye 😉
Benefit Boutique on 3rd Street
8387 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles, Ca
For other locations Visit:

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