By Taye


Party Favors… Yay!!..well sort of…

In light of the holiday season being here..BTW I am still somewhat in denial that 2010 is pretty much over.  WTF..  anyhow ..
like I was light of the holiday season I thought I would start off a series of blogs about fun holiday stuff…  
And a few weeks ago I was introduced to the perfect holiday party favor..  
A little Scene Flip Books.. Yay!!
Okay so a quick run down..they come to you..they set up 10×10 mobile booth at your and your guests have 7 seconds to act like blatant fools..then 10 minutes later you have the most adorable little flip book..kinda like those old school animation books they used to have at Disneyland..umm I think I just aged myself.  Then to top it all off..a couple days later you can watch everyone from your party blatantly make fools of themselves on Youtube.  
Does it get funner than that?  Yes I just said “funner”. 
Nothing like Good Clean Fun..!!
A Little Scene Flip Books…I “Like”
Taye 😉
A Little Scene Flip Book:
For locations outside of California check out:

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