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Soaring above your clouds…

soaring above my clouds

My two selves were in debate this morning as to if I should write a blog today.  It’s Thanksgiving here in America.  A day of abundance.  We eat a lot (understatement)…  We thank a lot…  
With that said .. my other self won the debate..thus I am here writing..  
When I first sat here I actually started to write a whole different blog.. About this day and giving thanks etc..etc..etc..
Then I got to thinking about EVERYTHING…everything I am thankful for…everything I have been through this last year good and bad..(and I am thankful for both..for one without the other would provide no lessons). 
..And as I was thinking about EVERYTHING, my flight back from Chicago popped into my head.  Shortly after take off I peered out the window of the plane at what was one of the most beautiful sites I have ever seen.  The clouds the sky and the sun all seemed never ending.  They were actually a blanket of soft warm light.  I felt absolutely serene and protected.. As if they were my clouds and the universe had put them there just for me..  
..and as I looked out over these clouds that I was soaring above I recognized the message.  These were indeed my clouds to soar above..and I was indeed soaring above them.
You see for years I have aimed high..but we are so often taught to aim high in comparison to what the rest of the world is doing.  
Looking out over those clouds I understood that success in love, life and happiness (and I say happiness because being happy is one of the most important areas of success in my book) means soaring above your own clouds..accepting who you are and always striving to be the best that you can be..for yourself.  I am capable of everything that I want..and my clouds are completely tangible..  Knowing this..I am unconditionally thankful.. 
Thankful for my clouds.  Thankful that I know and have the strength to soar above whatever thoughts, situations, predicaments, boundaries and even happiness that I create for myself. 
And that I am abundantly thankful for..
Soaring above our own clouds.. I “LIKE”
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Taye 😉

*self portraits taken with the Hipstamatic App for iPhone 4
All rights reserved. 

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