By Taye


If it ain’t broke you can still fix it..

8 years, almost twice a week, breakfast, lunch and probably one to many treats.  
Okay I just had to do that..It’s out of my system..
Moving on.  
For those of us who within the last few weeks have driven past Mani’s Bakery on Fairfax and were over come with a wave of sheer panic from the brown paper covered windows and closed doors..Never fear Mani’s on Maple has arrived.  Just think of it as an amped up/ grown up version of Mani’s Bakery.  Complete with a bar, dinner and the cool people. (The MySpace offices are across the street)
Back Story:
A week ago I was invited to taste the new Happy Hour menu. Ahhhh…I adore tastings!!!  Especially at places that I already love!!  Anyhow..
Shall I start with the Drinks?  Four words for you ..Bee’s Knees and Padre’s Margarita (okay the “and” makes it five but you get my point)..OH….MY….LORD!
Two of the most tasty and refreshing drinks I have ever had.  Organic, not too sweet, and super flavorful.
26 words:  Lamb Sliders..HOLY MOLY…Arugula Salad with Beef Tenderloin…YUMMY…Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta…just know that I am salivating with the memories as I write this..

Everything I had was amazing.  I would have tried the entire menu but I wanted to actually walk, not waddle out of there.  

Now usually happy hour is super happy while you are there partaking in what is usually a mixture of cheap liquor and greasy food.  Cut to 2 hours later when your body is not so happy!!

Not at Mani’s..
This is what makes Mani’s on Maple so awesome..
2 happy hours 
3-7pm and 9-11, 
$6 dollar drinks 
$6 dollar food 
Did I mention really really good food?
So good that I have already been back for more, not as a blogger but as a full fledged citizen 😉
Mani’s on Maple.. I “Like”
Taye 😉

Mani’s on Maple
345 N Maple Drive
Beverly Hills, California 90210

Photo’s: Taye Hansberry Photography ©2010
all rights reserved 

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