By Taye


Simply Delicious…

All I can saw is Wow!!  Whoa!!  Holly Moly!!  I have not been so excited about something so simple in a really long time. 
But first things first…  
So I have been a bit slow with the blog posts the past couple weeks..  All I can divulge is that there is a lot going on right now.. good things..very good things.  So I do send my readers my deepest apologies.  I Taye Hansberry promise to be a better blogger! (right hand raised)
Okay back to the actual blog.  I fully intended to blog about something completely different today, but unfortunately for that little idea..LiberteĀ“ Yogurt entered my life. 
Today was very interesting.. I lunched..a great one due to Dine LA.. which is a whole other blog to come in the next couple days.  Collected some money.  Gotta love that!  I saw the wonderful Dr. Thomas Marinaro, the Chiropractor sent from heaven and I took a trip to Whole Foods.    Might I mention that I was so kindly chauffeured by my beautiful cousin Fabienne.  Thanks Fabi šŸ˜‰  By the way,  everyone should get driven around the city of LA on their errands at least once in their life.  Its fantastic!  Anyhow back to it..  After visiting the gluten free cookie isle and the gluten free pasta section…we migrated on over to the yogurt isle.  Just as I was grabbing my usual chocolate flavored yogurt of choice.. Fabienne says to me.. “Have you ever had LiberteĀ“?” which I replied   “Ummm NO?”, and like any other good glutenous foodie in the world I was immediately intrigued.  Okay…  Why not? 
And thank GOD I did…
All I really need to say is thick, creamy, heaven in a plastic cup!!!!
All natural, no preservatives, no additives.  Just plain old goodness..
However if you are looking for something that is nonfat, I clearly was not…this ain’t it!  Its real and it has fat.   Hello!!  Why do you think it’s soooo freaking good.
LiberteĀ“ Yogurt…I “LIKE”
Taye šŸ˜‰
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