By Taye


Still Hungover?

Okay so summer is supposedly over..yeah right!!  However we Americans did commemorate this passing of the beloved season with a lovely little holiday called Labor Day.  A long weekend in which most of us take it upon ourselves to drink and eat ourselves into a stupor.  Me included!!  So after a weekend at the “Bar Bar”, I take it upon myself to head straight for the “Earth Bar”.  Hangover cure and all around whole body fantasticness.  Yes people I often use words here that do not exist!!
Earth Bar is like the neighborhood watering hole for those who crave to ingest only the best.  Your trip comes complete with regulars and amazing staff who know you when you walk in the door.  How’s that for service!  You can participate in a weekend of craziness followed by a couple days of fresh juices, smoothies and wellness shots and it all just kinda equals out.  Phew!! No need for guilt.  You can go ahead and erase that crazy weekend from your memory all together.
Lets just plow through 3 of my personal favorite items on the menu.
Starting with:
1. The Citrus Cleanse.  Orange, apple, kale and lime all juiced together to perfection.
2. The Earth Berry Smoothie.  Blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, agave and hemp milk.
3. Shots of E3 live and Brain On.  Both like healthy, cell building, body rejuvenating crack.
These three items and you are ready to go!!
Alright so the items on the menu not doing it for you??  The amazing staff including the owner Noah will hands on create pretty much anything you need for whatever ailment you may have.  
P.S. Ask for Ryan…he’s like the mixologist of the juice/smoothie kingdom.
Earth bar is basically a whole body, whole food, organic wellness pharmacy.  They even have a clinic where you can get your bi-monthly dose of B-12 shots.  I’m a regular there.  B-12 rocks my world!!
That still not enough?  The West Hollywood branch is located right inside of the Great Earth Vitamin shop.  You can grab a bottle of C and a jug of collagen powder on your way out. The collagen powder is a whole blog by itself..AMAZING!!
But never fear.. for you Westsiders they have a Santa Monica location.. so no excuses to not to better your body 😉
Earth Bar..  I “LIKE”
Taye 😉
Earth Bar West Hollywood
8365 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Photo’s: Taye Hansberry Photography ©2010

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