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Paper…. Plastik… Super Cute

Growing up in the vast city of  Los Angeles one has to expect that over time EVERYTHING will eventually change.  Neighborhoods gentrify.  Freeways go up.   Entire malls come down.   However, to actually watch the neighborhood I grew up in do a complete 360 is pretty dreamy for me.   It’s like watching your baby grow into a mature,  responsible,  creative adult.  Well not quite but you get the point!
A little comparison shopping,  shall we..
Pico and Fairfax..affectionately labeled as “the hood” when I was a kid, is now Wilshire Vista (okay that part is a bit strange).   Meaty Meat Burger,  yes there was a place called Meaty Meat Burger is now a CVS pharmacy.   Maurice’s Snack and Chat is now a posh little place called Chic Wine Bar.. and what was once solely a dance studio/theatre is now the coffee shop Paper or Plastik.
Like so many of the events in my life.. This is how the discovery took place:
Cut to about three weeks ago.   I was driving East on Pico Blvd  with full intentions to pay my mom a visit and  was ridiculously starving.   Shocker… I know.  I was actually planning to stop at Bloom when I noticed the huge beautiful windows of  what looked like a new restaurant.  So I made a quick U turn, parked and walked in.  I had no idea that it was the soft opening of what has turned out to be one of the cutest coffee shops in Los Angeles.

 Paper or Plastik is an open, airy,  oasis of Intelligentsia coffee (we all know that I love that place), loose leaf tea, sandwiches by Heirloom LA, pastries by Cake Monkey and plain old fashion great energy!  This ample space is still part dance studio.   You can literally watch dancers rehearse from the second floor window. 
I  spent 6 hours there last Monday drinking green tea and getting copious amounts of work done on my laptop.  There may have been a chocolate croissant in the mix as well… oh come was begging to be eaten!!
There is free Wi-fi under the name Tip Generously…love it!!…  and if you are in the mood to shop for gifts from all over the world,  hand picked by the owners,  there is a snazzy little shop filled with goodies on the second floor.
So grab your laptop, a latte, a croissant  (chocolate) and enjoy…
 Paper or Plastik… I “LIKE”
Taye 😉
Paper or Plastik
5772 W. Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, Ca  90019

Photo’s: Taye Hansberry Photography ©2010

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Taye. Nice blog on Paper or Plastik. This was a great read. If I ever get out to L.A. I will have to put it on my list of places to visit. Amazing photos as always. I love your work. You have such a wonderful eye for making photos interesting. Have a great week and be well. Bruce

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