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My back..

Often I wake up in the morning and read an article from one of the many magazines that are delivered to my mailbox every month.  This morning as I lay in bed sifting through the October issue of Elle Magazine, I happened upon an article about a woman afflicted with Scoliosis.  For those that don’t know it’s basically a slight to severe curvature of the spine that causes terrible pain for those who have it.   She talked about how from the ages of 14- 21 she had to wear a metal back brace for 23 hours a day.  She talked about the freedom she felt when she was allowed to remove her “armor” as she called it.  She stressed that 20 years after her brace was removed the importance of exercise on a everyday basis keeps her from having to ever wear that brace again.  She talked about the strength as well as the insecurity it tattooed into her for life.
This article hit very close to home for me.  I too have Scoliosis.  I’ve had it along with the physical pain from it for as long as I can remember.  I never had a back brace for reasons that I will not bore you with and never really did anything about the problem when I was growing up.  I thought it was something I just had to live with.   
One day as I was laying flat on my back, knees up, head clouded and unable to work I new that I would have to so something to relieve my pain or settle for functioning at half mast for the rest of my days.. and anyone who knows me knows that THAT WAS NOT AN OPTION! 
Thus bringing me to the subject at hand.. Bryan Kest Power Yoga DVDs.
I discovered these DVDs about 7 years ago when I realized that the treadmill,  weights, bike, stair stepper blah blah blah were just not cutting it… 
Okay that’s a lie…
Let me start over.  I came across Bryan Kest one day on a desperate search for an exercise routine that could shape me up yet not require me to leave my house.   I know I know!!!  Anyhow,  I ordered the Power Yoga 3 DVD and prayed that this might be my solution.. and it was.   Wake up, throw on shorts, pop the DVD into my laptop and voila!  The man himself is teaching a class right there in my living room.
At the time I had no idea that this little DVD would be a huge solution to my endless cycle of  back pain.  Mind you, I had NEVER done Yoga before in my life. SCARY!!  It was super hard at first, but the more I practiced, the more I was not functioning at “half mast”.. and when I would skip a week.. my back would let me know. 
Not to mention it allows me to eat pretty much what I want…and keeps me long and lean..Whoo Hoo!!
Now after all this time by no means am I able to contort my body into pretzel like positions.  Lets be realistic people.  My hips are still not crazy flexible. My upper body strength is still not exactly where I would like it to be…but compared to where I was, I  have come a long way.   My problem still exists …but I now have a solution and as long as I practice on a regular basis I get the benefits of an almost painless back and a lean body 🙂 Power Yoga is my armor. 
Bryan Kest Power Yoga… I “Like”
P.S.  If you just can’t get motivated at home The Bryan Kest Yoga Studios are in Santa Monica and they are donation only 🙂
Taye 😉
Bryan Kest Power Yoga DVD

Photo’s: Taye Hansberry Photography ©2010

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  1. Hey Taye great writing I enjoyed your post. Keep it up. 

  2. Thanks so much.. 🙂

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