By Taye


H&M..gets me all warm an fuzzy inside..

Coat, white shirt, high waited pants all H&M.  Glasses: Ray-Ban.  Cashmere socks HUE.  Shoes: models own

               Dear H&M,
                       My old pal…my old friend.. We once parted ways.   I am so happy to know 
               that we are pals once again.  I was convinced that you had strayed so far in the 
               direction of big bad clothing corporate doom that you may never find your way 
               back.  I am utterly delighted to be wrong and am willing to forth rightly admit that.  
               Welcome back to the light.  Welcome back to the light!!

Okay so if H&M and I were friends this would be a letter I would have to write.  
Back story: Within the last year I had become completely disillusioned with H&M.  I would roam racks unable to find anything I lusted after…And I am a firm believer that one must lust after the clothes they choose to make a part of there existence.  
Then last Saturday, as I ate breakfast at Primo with a lovely friend.  There it was.  H&M.  The big Sunset Blvd. store just staring at me in all it’s corporate glory.  Now an emanate part of the Los Angeles landscape.  Utterly confused,  I ate my omelet and reminisced on the days where H&M was my friend.  Well the kind of friend that takes my money, but friend nevertheless.
As the breakfast came to an end and we were to part ways,  my eating buddy asked the question that would spark the rekindling of my love affair with H&M.  Simple but effective, she said, (unaware of my current feelings for the place) “Hey.. You wanna stop in H&M?”  
And the flirtation began.  I walked in and literally (as if a force was guiding my) picked up three amazing items…and learned about THE APP!!
Which is what I will end this blog with.. The H&M APP.  If you own an iphone and you like to shop..stop reading this now, pick up your phone and get to it!!  
I’ll give you a couple minutes….tick… tick… tick..

Okay were back.. where was I?  Oh yeah…the H&M APP.   Whats not to love!!  Not only can you browse through the style guide..AMAZING!!  Not only can you see photo’s of the newest items to hit the store..WHOA!!  Not only can you view adorable little vignettes showcasing the new collaboration between H&M and LANVIN!!  But you can ..okay you sitting down??
You can set your phone so that when you walk into any H & M open the app, shake your phone and a coupon appears.  Yes a discount coupon.  Holy Moly I love it!!
So with that said..I bought all of my items and got a nice little 20% discount.. whoo hoo!!
Now being that I was not going to photograph myself in my new outfit..the lovely Sita and I got together (again) and did a little “this is what I got”  photo shoot.  The outfit..including this ridiculously tasty coat ..all H&M..well, Ray-Ban’s and socks all styled in 🙂
So the task for my lovely readers, both  boys and girls…(because the boys stuff at H&M is super tasty too) ….download app and head to H&M…
H&M App and H&M stores..I “LIKE”
Taye 😉

H&M App available at the App store

Photo’s: Taye Hansberry Photography ©2010
Model: Sita Young

10 responses to “H&M..gets me all warm an fuzzy inside..”

  1. Taye!!!

    I am loving this blog!! Keep up the Great Work!! I keep forwarding it to people and they are loving it too!!

    Dont Stop!! You are Inspired!!

    btw: I love the photos!! What kind of Camera do you use??

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