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Carmen Steffens..anything but over the hill..

They say that anything thing that comes out of Brazil is has been kissed by beauty along with a disgustingly gene enhanced bikini ready body…Uggg.!!  Anyhow back to the subject at hand..Brazil’s very own Carmen Steffens had arrived.  Well at least to the Valley that is.  The Westfield Fashion Square in Sherman Oaks has welcomed the Carmen Steffens flagship store into the family.   Sexy..YES…Comfortable…YES…colorful…YES…priced right..YES.. 
Call me a grandma but these days all who know me know that I will not go near a shoe if it at all creates a tinge of pain.  These colorful, Brazilian sky high heels are a perfect mixture of South American spice and comfortable.  Prepare to walk, because you can.  The shoes reminded me of long walks through the amazon rain forest, observing the beauty of nature.  Okay okay I’ve never been to Brazil….  but you get the point!
Not so much into sky high heels?  No worries, they have signature flats.   The animal print flats are perfect for those I am sexy yet effortless skinny jeans and tee days.  I mean who doesn’t love anything with a good animal print?  So the next time you are over the hill..and those who reside in LA know what I’m speaking of.  Stop in the Fashion Square and snatch up some sexiness!!
Carmen Steffens.. I “Like”
Taye 😉
Carmen Steffens 
14006 Riverside Drive
Sherman Oaks, Ca 91423

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