By Taye


the old fashioned way..

Modern Vintage…model Sita Young
Every so often…actually more often than not.. the lovely Sita and I get together for what is suppose be a normal day of girly fun stuff..and being that we are both artists it naturally turns in to a photo shoot..
This was not one of those days.  For once we actually had a go out into the world and shoot away, but like so many other times the plan changed.  Or better yet got slightly altered.  

Being that she is an artist and like so many of us she is working on 15 different projects at one time, I walked into her apt and found this. The scene was a strange yet calming mixture of vintage tech. Meaning vintage room, equipped with Mac book and a wire hanger from the cleaners.  I just had to shoot it!  She is going to kill me but these are the chances we must take.

Anyhow as I was editing I got to thinking..  (Shocker I know…)
Anyhow I was thinking about how we as the young generation (some of us a bit younger than others) communicate these days..
text..…bbm, IM, AIM etc…
It’s all so impersonal.
A while back I asked someone I was dating to send me their address.  He was absolutely stunned.  I  wanted to write him a letter and for the life of him he could not comprehend that.  Needless to say I never got the address.  What was it about about my scribbled handwriting on a piece of paper that frightened him so much??
Like I said, it’s all so impersonal.  I meet people on a daily basis and I am coming to realize that there is really no such thing as a first conversation anymore.
We meet.  We briefly talk, usually about very superficial things (as it should be within the first minutes of meeting someone) and then the “keyboard” relationship begins.  We exchange one of the five communication tools listed above and the next five conversations are all to be had with our keyboards.  You actually don’t even hear the persons voice again unless a date commences.   
I don’t know about you but for me that just makes the first date seem that much more awkward.  You have absolutely no sense of the person you are now sitting across from because not only do you not know their voice but through the “keyboard conversation” there has inevitably been some type of miss communication that neither party wants to admit to.
And believe me I am just as guilty as the next person…
Thus I have decided to start a little one woman “keyboard conversation” revolution.  As hard as this may be from here on out I refuse to facebook or google someone when I first meet them.  Okay I guess that’s not quite a revolution… more like a one woman revolt, but it is a start.  I am going to actually find the time to pick up the phone and dial the number given to me rather than text a one sentence message, and if that person finds me to be be it!
What I am saying is that I am making a vow to be more personal..more human.. a little more vintage..
I’ll let you all know how it turns out..
Alright!! here goes nothing…
A little more vintage… I “Like”

Taye 😉

Photo’s: Taye Hansberry Photography ©2010

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