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Closet shopping..

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I’ve never been the type of girl to “pick out my clothes the night before”.  
My pattern usually consists of hastily throwing on whatever comes to mind about 40 minutes before I have to be somewhere. In girl time that’s like saying 30 seconds before I have to be out the door.  I’ve always marveled at the organization and fore thought of people who plan ahead.
That being said I recently I decided to give it a go!  Organization and fore thought that is..
I was in the process of “giving it a go”, which very quickly turned into me standing in front of the giant square opening in my bedroom wall that is my closet,  staring at the ridiculous amounts of clothing and professing that “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR”. 
Don’t judge me..we’ve all been there!
After a bit of deep breathing and focusing exercises, I had most of my “picked out the night before” outfit in hand.  Which I strategically laid out.  My cute little cotton navy dress laid neatly on the bed. Vintage caramel leather belt rolled tightly beside it.  Black lace up studded flats on deck.  Perfect summer outfit. Casual yet sexy..but something was missing.  
I turned back to the closet with trepidation…Hmmmmm… Got it!!
All I needed was a perfectly worn in denim vest.  Shucks!!  I don’t have a perfectly worn in denim vest.  So I sat..and thought..and stared..and thought..and paced..ate a cookie..bit a couple nails and after one more cookie it came to me.  I have four denim jackets. All sizes, all shapes, all perfectly worn in.  So I stood up, rummaged for a pair of scissors, grabbed the Earl jean jacket that has been part of my wardrobe for the last 10 years and proceeded to cut. I cut straight through the sleeves and Volia!..a perfectly worn in denim vest.
Thus began my quest.. If I could find that little perfection in my closet what else could be lurking in there?  I decided to start with my shoes.  This can be a serious process, so I opted to start small.  I searched through my closet and pulled out 18 of my present summer favorites new and old. Yes I have a whole freakin lot of shoes..I feel like you are judging me again :).  Now I’m no Imelda Marcos (for those of you who may remember that debacle) but 18 only hits the tip of the iceberg.  
Anyhow, I laid them all out. I studied them with conviction and planted all 18 pair firmly in my brain because I am definitely the type of girl who tends to find one item and wear it to death.  I needed to see the shoes.  They were no longer out of sight out of mind.  Now in sight and very present in my mind.
I say all this to say..SHOP IN YOUR CLOSET!!  We all have a closet crammed full of clothes.  New ones, old ones, that one item we have been holding on to for the last 10 years..Find the time..Explore. Fashion always evolves yet imminently stays the same. If you thought it was stylish then, chances are that with a little DIY (do it yourself) can be stylish now.
And if’s always a great time to do a little purging of the wardrobe 🙂
Closet shopping… I “Like”
Taye 😉
Photo’s: Taye Hansberry Photography ©2010

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