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Beverly Hills Juice..

I was having one of those days!  
We’ve all had them.   It was a Monday and the previous weekend had lead me down the road to too much alcohol (which for me is two drinks), too much sugar (which for me is about 6 pieces of cake) and not enough sleep.  I was sincerely trying to get it together.  I’m the type of girl who will power through it darnit!  I put on a good outfit, guzzled 3 glasses of water,  took my trusty tablespoon of liquid multi vitamins and said to my self “ can do this”!  
Two hours later my “Self” was not feeling so confident.  My body was toxic and I need serious help!
This is where the Beverly Hills Juice came in..
I was aimlessly driving up Beverly Blvd wrapped in my weekend fog and ready to throw in the towel on my completely unproductive day (mind you it was only 1pm), when there it was.  The little white store front with loads of people constantly in and out of its doors.  Now I had been there before during my days as a wardrobe stylist assistant.  But I never actually purchased a juice for myself..Strange I know!! 
I thought so my self again “Self..just give it a go”.  I parked and with only one dime for my meter, I scurried through the doors and told Chuck (who has been working in the place since 1986) to give me anything he had that would cure me from my debaucheries of the weekend.  He disappeared to the back, which I now know is a refrigerated room full of the goods and came back with a Apple Lemon Triple ginger Juice.  He told me to sip it slowly.. and the rest is history.  With in 30 minutes my headache was gone, my stomach no longer felt like there were little creatures in there taking out there frustration on me and my energy level was back to normal.
Do I even need to say that the rest of my day was one big piece of clear minded productivity?
I returned the next day because I absolutely had to know more.
Beverly hills Juice was born in 1975 and in 1979 moved to the location that they occupy to this day.  It’s a no frills, no gimmick, straight up natural organic juice bar.  The owner David Otto wakes up everyday earlier than any of us would like to imagine, heads downtown to buy organic fruit and cold presses every bottle on site fresh for that day.  Which means for those of you who are obsessed with freshness, you will never see the word pasteurized on the bottle.  That’s right, when you drink you are getting every bit nutrients that were a part of the fruit.  Virtually unheard of today.
My favorites are Tangerine Coconut and Apple Lemon Triple ginger.   They have 30 something varieties of fruit and vegetable juice combinations and they make shakes too.  You can pretty much choose your juice and they will blend it into a smoothie.  Did I mention that the juices and shakes range from $3.50 to $7 bucks.   To top it all off they have a cute little bowl full of change for you to feed your meter just for people like me who never have any.  
Beverly Hills Juice is amazing but to ensure you walk away with some make sure to bring your own bag because they believe in saving a tree and cash or check because they don’t take credit cards.
Beverly Hills Juice…I “LIKE”
Taye 😉
Beverly Hills Juice
8283 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Photo’s: Taye Hansberry Photography ©2010

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