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Self indulgence..

Self Indulgence
So I got published..Like in a real magazine…Like a real big magazine!!  That being said I could not resist to blog about my newest accomplishment.  
It may seem a bit self indulgent but trust me, it goes right in line with the thought that’s been running circles in my mind all week.
No matter how big and no matter how small.  This world is a tough place and who better to celebrate and reward us but “us”.  
To open a major fashion magazine and see an entire page with my photos is what I have been working for,  working at..sacrificing for for the last couple years…and this win for me is just the beginning of the heights that I know I can reach.  I see my goals..Super clear and Super attainable. 
The phrase “Self Indulgence” has gotten a bad rap…Today I am turning that negative into a positive!
So with that said..I want all of us to practice a little self indulgence ..the positive kind!!
Celebrate your wins…with a little self indulgence.. I “LIKE”
Taye 😉
*Photo’s of me by Adam Sheridan Taylor •

5 responses to “Self indulgence..”

  1. nsseals says:

    Congratulations Taye!!!!
    I am so happy for you which issue is it so that I can go out and pick up a copy. Will this be ongoing?

    Like I always say accentuate the positive!
    Congrats again~

  2. Nsseals..thanks so much..sorry just now seeing this..It's the June issue of Maire Claire India..might be hard to find in the states.. but thanks for the positive energy 🙂 and thanks for reading 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    taye!! i totally agree with your mantra. the featured looks wicked awesome!


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