By Taye


Gotta love a good rainbow..

Now anyone who knows me knows that I love all thing French…YES ALL THINGS!  French food…French people… French tongue (I mean the language for those of you who went somewhere else with that one)…  
Did I say french food?
Which brings me to one of my favorite French treats.  MACARONS!!!  I actually love them more than Sprinkles cupcakes and that is saying a whole lot. 
So imagine my glee (yes I said glee) when I came across a little store front in Beverly Hills that has nothing but french macaroons.  It’s actually a French Macaron Shop!! 
Dear God save my thighs!!
It’s like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow..well at least for me it is 🙂
First off when you walk in the shop all you smell is the baking of macarons.  Lots of beautiful, sweet, creamy, flawless macarons.  Yes that’s because they actually bake them on the premises.  Not only is your nose stimulated beyond belief, but your retina’s are too!.. It’s absolutely beautiful in there.  The vibrant colors and the way the light cascades a top the array of macaroons…okay maybe that’s a bit much but you get it right!!
Sicilian Pistachio, Rose, Caribbean Chocolate and Passion Fruit are just a couple of my favorites..actually I have had yet to have a flavor that I don’t like..They are all amazing!
I highly suggest a box..a big box!!
Oh and for those of you in San Francisco..yup ..Paulette just opened a shop!!
Paulette Macarons.. I “LIKE”

Taye 😉

9466 Charleville
Beverly Hills, Ca 90212

Photo’s: Taye Hansberry Photography ©2010

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